Bad Dragon prepared me for this!

I did it, I made Tam a blog.

It’s gonna be a mostly goofy in-character blog about my dumb OC and her boyfriend in an Animal Crossing AU, where her bf either got turned into an animal villager or was kind of just…. always like that idk how I want to handle it yet. (Her bf/husband’s name is Frank and he’s my bf’s OC, but I shit you not, the in-game villager is so much like him it’s not even funny)

it’ll probably be a little on the snfw side in that there will probably be some inappropriate jokes, but that’s about it…. Tam’s kinda……. crude.


Sleepy morning! 
I wanted to try putting my acnl OCs into the real world so that inspired this hella instagramed pic. Started with just Doodle then it spired out of control I wanted to fit Fillip but I ran out of space.
Maybe next time I’ll put villagers into the real world!

Finally got Tam the undercut, so I’m gonna set up a blog for her now. It might take a while tho.


a typical day in Sanity



@starbel said: i just want you to draw endless kikis for all eternity


flan’s kiki is my favorite kiki in the history of the universe


Ahmnyc decided to visit Altair

wHEEZES oh my god, this is perfect
Bless you
cole-crossing asked: Could you draw an amelia gijinka?


I really like this one


Aaah man… I’d love to have at least one pic of an eagle villager in each of my home’s rooms, but I don’t want to replace Kiki’s pic ‘cause I really really adored her and she moved away, so… ´ n `